1000 Roll of Black Cat Firecrackers

1000 Roll of Black Cat Firecrackers

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A roll of 1,000 Black Cat firecrackers! These are a must have for your fireworks show.

When ordering make sure to click on the pick up location you prefer to pick up your fireworks from. Fireworks are pick up only and will not be shipped. Fireworks can only be picked up on specific dates the stores are open. Store hours can be found at www.topdogfireworks.com/locations.

Topdog Stores are open: June 24 - July 4 and
December 20 - January 1.

How to Complete your pickup:

Customer will visit the store chosen for product pick up. There will be visible signage for a designated entrance and signage in-store for a designated register for pickup.

Customer will show proof of purchase via the shopify app to the cashier assigned to online orders at the designated online register. They will complete the transaction and Topdog staff will help you with your fireworks.

visit www.topdogfireworks.com for directions and info.